FIRES – A Call to Encounter

Press Release

 Family Life

The Holistic Family is a Happy Family

“As the family goes, so goes the world” (St. John Paul II).


Strong families globally would change the world. The Popes have emphasized this and have encouraged solutions.

FIRES is one Catholic answer to being liberated from the “problems” found in families to discovering the “beauty and potential” of one’s own family

This is to inform Archbishops, Bishops and priests, as well as couples and families, about the existence of programs proven to be of great benefit to families. Designated under the acronym FIRES, these programs have been spreading quietly for decades. Each program is very practical and effective, having produced, over the years, marvelous spiritual effects on countless families in many different countries. Please see testimonials at,

The FIRES programs, designed by Fr. Gabriel Calvo, the founder of Marriage Encounter, are all aimed at generating “families in the Lord”

FIRES Programs

– Married couples

– Sons and daughters

– Families

– Engaged couples

– Individuals (irrespective of age, marital status, religion, etc.

– Priests and sisters

– Young men and women trying to discern their vocation

– Catholic men and women living together without marriage

– Couples and individuals wishing to deepen their relationship with each Person of the Blessed Trinity

– Catholics desiring to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the Holy Eucharist


Also a number of books, freely available on the Internet, please see FIRES Japan website,

To learn more about these programs please contact:

Fr. Donnon Murray, O.F.M.