Engaged Encounter


As the basis of a strong and happy marriage, it is vital for young people to have adequate self-knowledge as well as mutual confidence and honest communication with their partner.


The FIRES Engaged Encounter program offers young couples a unique opportunity to review, rethink, deepen and re-evaluate their relationship. Its main aim is to help participants avoid marriage problems arising from ignorance of oneself and one’s partner. The program also helps engaged couples realize the conditions required for a life of love, joy, and growth together according to the Plan of God, the Creator of marriage and family.


Topics include:

– Encounter with self

– Knowing and understanding one another

– Values

– Difficulties in marriage

– Openness

– The meaning and real purpose of marriage

– Faith

– Relationship with God


Engaged Encounter participants are invited to listen to talks by young married team couples, who honestly share how they have faced different situations in their relationship and married life. Presentations are followed by periods of quiet reflection and couple sharing about handout questions. The two-day program also includes Holy Mass and prayers led by a Catholic priest.

The program is not only for couples who have already decided to marry, but also for couples who want to determine with more assurance whether they would indeed want to marry one another, as well as for couples who are already married but for a period of less than 3 years. Started and conducted within the Catholic Church, the program is open to non-Catholic or non-Christian couples as well.